Breaking the Kill Chain

How do you stop an advanced threat actor?

The Kill Chain is the high-level framework or workflow that advanced threat actors employ in their efforts to compromise the target. They often combine several intrusion tools and techniques in order to compromise and maintain access to their target. The key to disrupting is breaking the kill chain. Take a look at the article that explains how advanced threats progress through the kill chain and the keys to disrupting and thwarting the adversary’s progression.

For over a decade, SecureWorks has provided a comprehensive suite of IT security services to thousands of clients. Fueled by Counter Threat Unit (CTU) intelligence, we can help you anticipate your cyber attackers, detect their tradecraft, disrupt the kill chain and eradicate their presence in your environment.

What our clients are saying

“We constantly get threat intelligence updates from the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit, ensuring that our security devices are up-to-date and resistant to the latest known attacks by cybercriminals.”
- Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Insurance Technology Provider

Breaking the Kill Chain

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